Prospect Equities Enters Marketing Partnership with Evolve Strategic Consulting


CARTERVILLE, Ill. — Evolve Strategic Consulting, a full-service digital marketing firm, has entered into a major new agreement with Prospect Equities, a luxury real estate brand headquarted in downtown Chicago. With offices in Chicago, Miami, New York, and Arizona; Prospect Equities, is an emerging leader in real estate’s most exciting markets. Under the terms of the new agreement, Evolve Strategic Consulting, will deliver an innovative video marketing campaign to help amplify the Prospect Equities brand by attracting new agents and engaging prospective buyers in the markets they serve.  

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Prospect Equities to help take them to the next level,” Evolve Strategic Consulting founder and CEO Chris McMillin said, “We’re extremely selective about whom we work with, and Prospect Equities is exactly the type of company we seek out. With an incredible team at the top and a truly innovative and progressive approach to its mission, Prospect Equities the kind of operation that makes this business so rewarding. We’re excited to build on our new partner’s truly impressive history and status.”  

From its humble roots as a one-agent shop opened by U.S. military veteran and CEO Richard M Killian over fifteen years ago, Prospect Equities has since closed over 3 billion dollars in real estate transactions and has blossomed into an emerging market leader.  Recently touted for their technological innovation, by being one of the first real estate brokerages to release a dedicated App to better serve its employees as well as prospective buyers, Prospect Equities also provides a best in class employee training program as well as a proprietary marketing platform to serve their agents.  

The Chicago based luxury real estate firm has hired 85 new agents thus far in 2016, 215 new agents in the last 18 months, and is poised for explosive growth in the next 3-5 years.  For more information, or to find out how you can become a part of the team, please refer to  

Evolve Strategic Consulting, a marketing agency with a focus on serving distinctive brands; currently services clients across the real estate, travel, financial services, dentistry, healthcare, logistics, sports marketing, and insurance industries. “We are looking forward to working with Chris and his team at Evolve” says Killian. “We anticipate this partnership will further enhance Prospect Equities as a leader and trendsetter in the real estate marketplace.”

About Evolve Strategic Consulting:

Providing innovative brands a fresh perspective with powerful strategies to attract market share and grow business. Evolve Strategic Consulting provides a full range of digital marketing services and consulting options to clients nationwide.


Interesting Research on Properties – What No One Ever Told You

Best Ways To Dispose And Sell Your House Fast There are various underpinnings and causes why most individuals tend to sell or purchase their property. Families decide to give up their set of properties by subjecting it to purchase when they are opting to transfer or live home in another country or as a result of the decree of divorce or legal separation. The causes as to why you have to dispose your property might be something personal but no matter how hard would that be, you will still end up looking for the fastest way of selling it. The first relevant step would be to attach an amount or value to your house. This is considered as one of the manifestations to the efficiency of selling one’s property. Improvising and innovating new thing to the house is equal to the act of adding value to it such as making the renovation, painting or restructuring. Buyers who are willing to pay would certainly be attracted to the newly-innovated house which you have been prepared for them so make sure that you had been putting so much effort in making the house looked better and organized as well. When you are expecting for the high demand for the house, you must have to pattern it to make it like the green homes since these types of homes are easy to market compared to others. Look into the flaws that are existing in your homes and better make it repaired as soon as possible. Make your marketing strategy easy to manage so it would not be difficult for you anymore when you start your business as you are doing it right. There are many set of answers as to why homes are not easily attractive to the eyes of the clients and one of which could be blamed on the poor, incompetent and inefficient marketing techniques. For instance, putting only a mere sign of sale could not even be of access to all the potential buyers or clients in the city. This sign must have to be assisted by other publicity means to be able to cater for many target market or clients. The publicity means clearly imply that posting a tag sale in your home is not enough and needs more than such as the help of sales representatives or manpower and the new social media as well.
A 10-Point Plan for Properties (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Another strategy is to directly open your channels to property managers. There are companies who have been investing and purchasing large amounts of properties so they are the ones that you have to find when you are in a fast need to sell your property or house. These companies or buyers are just online waiting for you to send a message that probably tackles initial stages of inspection for the determination of the value of your house.Practical and Helpful Tips: Sales

The Path To Finding Better Houses

Few Ways to Consider to Dispose Your Property Fast Disposing your house for just a few weeks is a very rare experience. There is a certain process that one must go through before a house can be successfully disposed. If you need a cash immediately, then you might be forced to lower the price in order to find a buyer. However, it is not always the best thing for you to do. One of the most important thing to consider is getting the service of a real estate agent. You will sure be amazed of the outcomes when you hire such professional. With an experienced one, you will not worry on how to effectively promote your property. Below are some other things that a realtor can help you with. 1. Always bear in mind that the price should depend on the real value of the house. All buyers compare the price and the house value before showing any interest on the deal. The price that is more than the house value is not going to help you. Others often think that setting a high price because buyers always seek for discounts. Take note that setting a reasonable price makes your house more attractive. If you don’t have any idea, then ask help from your real estate agent.
5 Uses For Options
2. When selling your house, you have to make sure that it is ready to be promoted in the market. Remember, that you want to get buyers as soon as possible, so ensure that you have a very interesting place. Buyers would always want to buy a house that is made ready for the new homeowner. This would mean that you repair anything that is damaged. This is the best way to make your property salable.
Questions About Sales You Must Know the Answers To
3. Since you want to get cash fast, ensure that your house is ready to be visited. Buyers will look into the total condition of your place so ensure that it is good. Clean the entire house and free it from any junk. Ensure also that the clutter is well maintained because this might be a big issue for some buyers. 4. Another good way is through incentives. Incentives are often offered in order to help the buyers finally decide. This eliminates double mindedness. Incentives can include some appliances and stuff in the overall price. 5. An experienced realtor can sure accomplish his task, so ensure to give him the chance to do it. It is wrong to think that you are better than your realtor. Or, always give time for the buyers to go around the house after giving them a tour. They can have a quick decision when you give them some space. All of these things are necessary for you to sell your home fast without having to lower down its real value.

Why People Think Options Are A Good Idea

Want to Sell Your Home Quickly? Read On! It can be stressful to sell your home. There is the emotional stress of packing up your life. But there is also the extremely stressful process of actually selling the home to a buyer. The goal for most people is to have the sale completed in as little time as humanly possible. There are actually a lot of people who prefer to sell quickly than to wait around for the biggest offer. Such as is often the case of property division in divorce cases and when you have to relocate to another city for work. If you are in this position, you most likely want to finish the sell sooner rather than later. Here is this article, you will read tips for making that quick sale and moving on with your life. When you sell your house in the traditional way, there are a lot of hoops you must jump through. First, you have to do everything possible to make your house attractive to picky buyers. Thus, you are stuck making tons of tiny repairs all over your home. Next, you have to host open houses and work with the real estate agent to set an appropriate price. Overall, you are looking at at least a half year of continuous effort. Understandably, a lot of sellers are tired of this process and look for alternative ways to sell their home. Once you do find a buyer, you will have to negotiate even further. Occasionally, there are buyers who will offer the asking price and require nothing more from you. And finally, once you have a buyer, you still have to wait for all of the financial aspects of the deal to go through the bank, realtor, inspector, and other dealers. First time sellers are often shocked at how much work it truly takes to sell a home.
Short Course on Homes – What You Need To Know
For some sellers, the process is not so arduous. There are others, however, you find less traditional ways to sell their home. For these people, it is a really good idea to look for home investors instead of traditional buyers. These are individuals who will purchase your home as it currently is. Since the money is not so different than a traditional buyer’s offer, plenty of sellers feel the trade off is worth it.
Why not learn more about Sales?
It is true that a traditional buyer will probably offer your more money for your home. But you should also consider how much you are willing to get paid for all of the work you do in courting a traditional buyer. This means you are free to focus on creating your new home, rather than selling your old one. Plus, the investor does not need to wait on financial approval from the bank. This means that the process of selling your home can take less than a month, as opposed to a year or more. The time and effort saved is why more and more sellers are choosing the less traditional route of a home investor.

D&G Smith Properties LLC Introduces 24-Hour Offer Guarantee


(Richmond, TX)— D&G Smith Properties, LLC, a Houston-based team of professional house buyers, has announced the introduction of their 24-hour offer guarantee. Right now, homeowners in the Houston area who are looking to sell their houses quickly can get a free, no-obligation, all-cash offer for their house within 24 hours of placing an inquiry with the company. All that’s needed to take advantage of the opportunity is to visit the company’s website and fill out the short form on the homepage.

George M. Smith, the owner of D&G Smith Properties, LLC, stated “No matter what type of market fluctuations take place in the real estate industry, some houses are just a difficult sell. Unfortunately, these same houses are often a legal and financial burden for the owner. For those with houses that are hard to sell with traditional methods, we’re offering the ultimate solution to sell your house fast Houston. Instead of enduring the frustration associated with the normal sales process, homeowners can simply come to us. We make cash offers for even the most undesirable properties, and we make the process quick and painless for everyone involved.”

For those who need to stop foreclosure Houston or get rid of an unwanted property they’ve inherited, one visit to is all it takes. The investment company buys houses in any condition, and there are no commissions, agents, or fees involved. The team at D&G Smith Properties strives to make the fairest offer possible on each house so that each transaction is a win-win situation for all parties.

As Smith continued, “For anyone who needs to sell house fast Houston, we want them to know that we’re here to help. We invite them to visit our website or give us a call to see how we can turn their burdensome property into cash, all in the span of one day. We love what we do, and we look forward to the opportunity to help more Houstonians get rid of their unwanted properties so they can finally get on with their lives.”

Those who need to sell their house quickly and would like to get a fast quote from D&G Smith Properties, LLC can visit their website at for more information.

About D&G Smith Properties, LLC:

D&G Smith Properties, LLC is a team of professional house buyers. Because of their experience and expertise in the real estate industry, the company has 12 ways to buy houses that are difficult to sell with standard methods.