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What You Should Know About Cremation Diamonds

There is a Swiss Company that has really taken a fascinating and also an unexpected approach to memorialize loved ones who have already left. They would compress the ashes and super heat them and make this into a manmade diamond that can be worn and also cherished by the family of the deceased.

Such actually started with a chemical process which removes the carbon from the ashes of the departed. This carbon is then heated so that this will be converted into graphite. The graphite would then be heated to 2,700 F and such is then subjected to forces of about 87,000 pounds per square inch. The color of the finished product would range from white to dark blue and this depends highly on the boron content of the ashes.

You have to understand that the cremation diamonds are really of high-quality and they are a fantastic memorial to such unique life. You have to understand that you should find a fantastic company so that you can be assure that all cremation diamonds are being inspected, authenticated, graded as well as identified by the popular as well as the highly-trained gemologists. When you have a high-quality cremation diamond, then you can be assured that it is free from any defect.
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Also, you must know that the cremation diamonds offer a way for you to embrace your loved one’s memory everyday. You can even pass this to generations. Such is one timeless and unique piece that you can surely get these days. You have to know too that this comes in several shapes and sizes.
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If you lose a loved one, then you can be overwhelmed with so many emotions like mourning, grief, denial and sadness. This can be hard to process and deal with because of these emotions and you must go through with a funeral. It is a struggle to be able to accept your loved one’s death. But, you can now have a piece to cherish that loved one forever and that is through the cremation jewelry or diamond. You will have a jewelry that contains ashes.

Such kind of piece of jewelry comes with assorted designs. You may be able to find one that is shaped like a heart. There are lots of designs which are discreet and go unnoticed too. But, such pieces of jewelry are definitely ways that you can memorialize your loved one at all times. The cremation diamond is being considered as a new concept now. But, this kind of idea has actually been used for thousands of years already being a way to mourn the deceased.