I Just Got Back from Big Bear

The original idea I had was to go up in the mountains and spend a few weeks fishing and hiking and canoeing. However I went up there and I met a girl and things went differently. She has a beautiful place up there, within a short walk of the lake. I left my canoe and a bunch of my stuff up there, because I plan on going back in a little bit. Right now I am settling some business and seeing a chiropractor in Bakersfield as well. My back is not really all the way out of whack, but it is headed that way and there is not any sense in waiting for the pain to be completely unbearable before you go ahead and get it fixed. Of course I do not know a chiropractor up there and I plan on staying there so long as it lasts. It only makes sense, this girl is awesome and there is not any rent to pay.

They do have internet service and that is all that I need to do my job right now. The company decided that they did not want to pay for office space and I was certainly willing to do the work off site if they let me. So far I have not really found anything that I could not do over the internet and they deposit my pay in my bank account every week. They have been getting a little jealous of me after they found out that I had moved so far away from the city and that I was living almost exactly like I wanted to. The other day I did have a slight adventure when we realized that a black bear was trying to get in our trash. Of course you need to fix it so they can not do that.

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